Autocue Training




When it comes to autocue, there is always a discussion.
For, to speak freely even the highest art of all…

My opinion:
Mastering autocue, gets you a huge step closer to becoming a media professional!

With this little tool, You can generate statements, on point in no time.
We live in the instagram era. storys, vertical videos, followercounts – this is going away any time soon. !
Bring your own texts and we practice together before the camera and analyze your recordings.
We are working on your expressions, Your connection to the audience and your flow.

Price includes 2 hours Autocue-Training.
Location: Lee Esposito Mediencoaching, Kiefernweg 19, 90513 Zirndorf
Appointment right after purchase confirmation.
As the Autocue-Training is a two-hour course,
we usually find an appointment within two weeks of the date of purchase.