Individual Analysis




In the individual analysis it all comes down to you!

Sure I will teach you useful tricks for your performance.
But YOU are the one, on stage, you are talking to that camera.

That means - we need to work primarily on you.

How do you do it, to be in the moment at the right moment?
How can we recharge your batteries, so you are shining as bright as possible?

Using targeted, easy to understand exercises, we analyze your cosmos and consider strategies, for you to be even more relaxed and convincing in front of a camera, or a group of people.

This course is designed for hosts, musicians, models. For YouTubers, influencers and PR guys. CEOs as well as the employee, presenting slides in front of the team. Whether someone talks to 6 or 6 million people, the mechanisms are all the same.

Video feedback is an important tool in this seminar.
We analyze together, how your performance translates and create strategies, for you to become more precise, convincing and more understandable.

Price includes 3-4 Hours of individual analysis.
Location: Lee Esposito Mediencoaching, Kiefernweg 19, 90513 Zirndorf
Appointment right after purchase confirmation.
During one training we usually find an appointment within four weeks from the date of purchase.

This course, we also offer in-house training on.
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