Communication in crisis




The red light on the camera lights and point the microphone towards you!
This seminar is aimed at all, in a crisis their “hold out head” have to.

Corona is currently the predominant topic in the media. Each company can meet. Each company boss and every CEO has to reckon with, to have his company close temporarily. Then wise decisions are in demand. Dealing with a crisis can determine the survival of a company. Especially in Focus: external communication. Wen I leave before the cameras appear and that person is well trained for it?

A solid preparation is the foundation of every interview.
In our crisis communication media coaching you learn, your topics to communicate clearly, To avoid awkward statements and radiate confidence.

Video feedback is an important tool in this seminar.
We analyze together, how your performance affects and create new strategies for you.

Price includes 3 Hour crisis communications training.
Location: Lee Esposito Mediencoaching, Kiefernweg 19, 90513 Zirndorf
Appointment right after purchase confirmation.
Since it is in crisis communication training is a three-hour course,
we usually find an appointment within two weeks from the date of purchase.
Attendance: a maximum of one person.

This course, we also offer in-house training on.
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