Mindfulness as a super power




Mindfulness as a super power

At the present time we feel more and more often, that life for us going too fast. Can not someone put the brakes on and break this never-ending stream of information?
And. You can do that!
Mindfulness is this brake. You'd just pull.

With the right tools you can bring out a huge value out of your day for yourself.
Not only for you, but also for your colleagues, family, friends.
Because if you learn, to control your stress and focus you correctly, radiates into all levels of your everyday life.

Price includes 3-4 Hours mindfulness training.
Location: Lee Esposito Mediencoaching, Kiefernweg 19, 90513 Zirndorf
Appointment right after purchase confirmation.
As this is the mindfulness training at a three-hour course,
we usually find an appointment within four weeks of the date of purchase.
Participants maximum of ten people.

We are also offering this course as in-house training with multiple participants.
Please contact us via e-mail: coaching@leeesposito.de,
or directly by phone: +49 911 25357951